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We know how important it is that you are and feel safe in a healthy and clean environment. For this reason, we present our plans and measures to protect you. These measures can be modified and updated depending on changes at the country's regulations.

Carpa T'zunün vista desde la lavanda

Easy Social Distancing

Our tents spaced apart, large garden for taking walks, picnic platforms.

Higiene de manos

Always Informed

Updated information, hygiene protocols, constant training.

Higiene personal

Our Main Goal

Protection products for you, prevention measures that take care of you.

Nuestras Instalaciones

We have decided to adapt some areas and activities, while others remain as before since privacy and enjoyment of nature have been our goal from the beginning, even before the pandemic.

Cielo nocturno

The tents as well as the picnic platform areas intended for eating are spaced apart, ensuring as little contact as possible with other guests.

Cielo nocturno

We have decided to keep the main restaurant open just for our hotel guests.

Cielo nocturno

We have posted important virus-related information signs at strategic points within our facilities to notify guests.

Cielo nocturno

There are many places to walk if you would like to connect with nature and disconnect from the rest of the world, and we are preparing more.

Nuestro Personal

We keep our staff constantly informed about what is happening with the pandemic, both in Guatemala and in the world.

Cielo nocturno

Our staff knows the current regulations of the country and of our establishment. We constantly train ourselves on good practices in the face of Covid-19.

Cielo nocturno

We make sure that our health conditions are optimal, measuring temperature constantly and checking symptoms periodically.

Cielo nocturno

Staff who's in direct contact with our guests are fully vaccinated.

Cielo nocturno

We know the correct ways to put on and remove each protective equipment, as well as for personal hygiene and cleaning of surfaces and facilities, according to recommendations from the WHO - World Health Organization -

Tu Seguridad

The most important thing for us has always been you, visitor. And now more than ever we want to guarantee you a healthy space, where you feel safe.

Cielo nocturno

We have placed personal hygiene and disinfection products at the reception for free for your use.

Cielo nocturno

Everything you use during your stay will be exclusively for you, including what you use in the restaurant, such as glasses and plates.

Cielo nocturno

All our indoor areas, including the rooms, maintain air circulation, which allows a natural flow of filtration of the space.

Cielo nocturno

In our facilities, guests wear a mask when appropriate and respect the criteria of other guests regarding their personal prevention measures.

If you would like us to expand the information, feel free to write to us, we will gladly answer you.

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